Our customers

Our customers are some of the most innovative companies in Swedish industry, often subcontractors to the automotive industry. Requirements for production equipment are sky-high.

All of our customers focus on lean production and the highest possible availability. That’s why we start by asking ourselves how we would do things if our own competitiveness was at stake. Then we build the solution we would wish for; one that would make us faster, safer and better than our competitors.


With 30 years’ experience of processes and production technology, we have a large bank of smart solutions, but we still question what we’ve done in the past. Anyone who says, “We’ve always done it this way,” gets to sit in the corner for the rest of the day

We know we get the best results for a creative solution if we work in close, tolerant and open collaboration with our customers. That’s why we want our work to be transparent and include the customer in the process in an unpretentious way.

A selection of our customers can be found below: