When work areas are defined and movements are monitored, certain tasks can be performed by an operator and others by a robot, in collaboration. “Collaborative robots” are robots that safely share tasks with people at one and the same production station.

In some cases, small, safe robots can be an open part of production, but the challenge lies in finding smart ways to collaborate with the larger and more powerful robots with longer ranges.

Several of the major robot manufacturers have put a good deal of effort into developing just such collaborative robots. Fröjd Automation is at the forefront and we see great opportunities for refining the process of building the efficient and safe robotic cells of the future.


Fröjd Automation has long experience of building safe cells, doing risk analyses and CE-marking complete production lines.

To ensure that operators never find themselves in hazardous areas, we use a combination of mechanical protection, photoelectric sensors and safety/security scanners. When operators work inside a robot’s range, robotic movements in regard to position and speed are controlled using ABB’s proven SafeMove security package.


While we never compromise the line’s safety, workstations need to be easily accessible to operators. Easy accessibility is important for efficiency.

We put a lot of energy into ergonomics, the work environment and ease of use when designing the stations, to make things both safe and comfortable. Fröjd Automation builds loading stations, assembly stations and other manual stations for the people who work there. They should enjoy their work.